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Diagonally Blue balance in the life gives the calming effect on the psyche of the human being. The earth is composed of 71% of water.  Whenever you will perceive a water body it will be perceived as Blue. If you scramble Globalduniya It represents Diagonally Blue. You can’t think of travel or tourism without diagonally penetrating the God's created blue horizon.


The vision behind the creation of Globalduniya travel portal is enhancing the calm in once life as well as to ensure travel from the surface to Sky, surface to Sea, sea to sky with full of convenience in once own style & satisfaction standards.


Globalduniya having Global Presence is here to redefine the extreme touring experience without any scope of tension.


Globalduniya is Diagonally Blu


After years long research of consumer behaviour, expectations, need determination matrix, founders behind the globalduniya technologically advance online travel portal was designed with the innovative incorporation of artificial intelligence principle to evolve a perfect travel solution.



A study clearly reflects the customer’s psychology to get the best possible services in the least possible price points. The problem is in order to easily qualify the customer, the Travel agents and the online travel portal logics suggest the buyer the services which are substandard and are unreliable.


Globalduniya has re defined the service standard, which filters the results on 100s of parameters which are based on the intelligent diagnostic codes, so that no sub-standard flights, hotel, vacation rental, car rental, bus, train, vacation or Travel insurance service is listed in the search results. That is how high-quality carriers, establishment and ground operators having multiple years of experience are only contracted and real time recommendations are made, that is how we Guarantee Happiness.



At Globalduniya travel enthusiast and passionate travel professional are only offering the consultancy even to economy clients. Our expert luxury and honeymooner’s division advisors are those who have travelled across different continents of the world and on the other side corporates and business clients are also given fault fewer services which are fully backed by pre-screened service calls and ultimate luxurious offerings.


Globalduniya guarantees your calm. So from the day you have hired our platform by selecting Flight, Hotel, Transfer, Car Rentals, Activities and sightseeing. Vacation package or Travel Insurance services. You will get the Guaranteed assurance to be Frontrunner/Priority traveller or preferred guest for the whole of the team, may be the consultant, support executive or Travel director or any service establishment which is working non-stop 24x7 to elevate your calms, happiness for ultimate loyalty, strength, trust in your relationship.



So just chill, subscribe us to get preferably the best- personalised travel service in your inbox.


Remember Our Brand Promise is Happiness Guaranteed!



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