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Christmas Holidays In India

Christmas Holidays In India

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Christmas is the season of lights and colours, of giving and receiving, of cakes and carols and angels and Santa .It’s that time of the year again when Santa Claus comes to the town!! India has its own style of celebrating Christmas,even in several parts of the country Christmas is celebrated with with lots of joy and gusto, devotion and enthusiasm also the different culture and traditions enrich the celebration of this festival in India.This festival is a much awaited event all across the globe and the long Christmas 2017 weekend is a blessing for anyone looking for a break from their daily routine.Check out the best places to spend your Christmas holidays in India.


Goa, shines in all its glory when Christmas comes around. Goa has a large population of Christians and its architecture and culture still retain the influence of Portuguese rule. During the festival, city is decorated with lights and poinsettia flowers.There is fireworks all around,while the people sing Christmas carols until early morning. Bakeries in Goa make special dishes and desserts during this time.The parties at Anjuna, Candolim and Mapusa continue through the night making it just the perfect mix of tradition and fun.Christmastime in Goa is a party-lover’s paradise and enjoyed immensely by all kinds of people.


Christmas celebrations in Kerala are most lively and joyful but little different from those celebrated in the other parts of the country.Kerala is a land of many old and renowned churches.Each street is decorated and the churches remain open almost all night. You can hear carols being sung by choirs in the churches and outside.Adding to the joy are gorgeous beaches and serene backwaters, coconut trees and nature till infinity,where you surely want to spend some time.


Pondicherry is known as the French town of India.With the perfect blend of French tradition and the beauty of Christmas, Pondicherry is a paradise during this festive period.One of the most peaceful places in India. Clean and calm beaches, wonderfully built churches and flawless glances of French culture, Pondicherry is the perfect candidate as the Christmas vacation destination in India.As the capital of French rule, Pondicherry has a sizeable population of Roman Catholics. The quiet, serene town lights up with bright decorations and the festive atmosphere of Christmas.The quiet, serene town lights up with bright decorations and the festive atmosphere of Christmas. 


A perfect place to feel the Christmas celebrations and the chill.A beautiful Christmas celebration waits at Shillong for you. To celebrate a peaceful yet joyful Christmas,Shillong is the most happening place to be.. There is a sizable population of Christians here, thus Christmas is celebrated here with much zeal and enthusiasm for an entire month. The scenic beauty and cool ambiance of this town is broken by extensive decorations and lights all through the town.The streets, houses and churches are decorated with shimmering lights; people prepare traditional cuisine and spend time signing carols and hymns in the evening. Few churches also have local bands playing the gospel music.When in Shillong for Christmas, you must not miss out on visiting the Cathedral Church for the midnight Mass. The church is the oldest one in North East India, and people from all over the region visit Shillong during Christmas. 

Daman and Diu

Situated off the coast of Gujarat, the otherwise quiet Daman and Diu becomes lively and bright during the Christmas season. Several cultural shows are organized here.The place adorns itself in the festive mood and what is most interesting is the celebration of Christmas with a Portuguese dance form like Corrindinho here. The vibrant lamps brighten the night sky making these places phenomenal during the festive season.


Mumbai, the city of lights and stars, shines when Christmas comes around.Mumbai is yet another place in India, where the warmth of Christmas can be greatly felt.Hill Road, Bandra and Church Gate are popular places where Christmas is celebrated with immense enthusiasm and fervour.Mumbai’s street and houses are lit up with bright lights and decorations. People from all walks of life enjoy the spirit of Christmas through all hours of the day. Market areas and shopping malls are decked up and offer attractive discounts.

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