Europe Tours and Destinations

Europe Tours and Destinations

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European Tour and Destinations

Travelers always dream to visit Europe and explore the beautiful nature and the Historical prospect of  European cities. Basically, Europe denotes or represent 44 countries. It falls almost in the northern hemisphere. The l Population is approximately 738,849,000. Because of immigrants also it is increasing now.

European Union is comprising of 28 countries and if you want to visit Europe, you need to apply for Schengen visa. The basic norm is you to apply for the visa to the embassy of the country from where you are entering Europe. Another rule is that if your 60% of travel is in any other European country then you have applied for the visa in that country Embassy.

European tourism remains on track for a strong year after experiencing impressive growth over the summer.

According to a new report from the European Travel Commission, international tourist arrivals to Europe grew 8 percent in the first eight months of 2017 compared to the same period last year.

Additionally, 32 of 34 destinations across the region saw tourist arrivals increase over that time. Half of those places even recorded double-digit growth.

Iceland's tourism boom has cooled slightly but continued thus far, with the country reporting a 30 percent rise in international visitors over the first two-thirds of the year compared to the same eight-month period in 2016.

Meanwhile, a surge in Russian visitors has helped Turkey rebound impressively.

Because of FIFA world cup 2018, Russia has seen the tremendous surge in the Tourist in flow and it is expected that in the coming years Russia will see at least 50% growth in tourism income. As it got very good exposure to its territories.

Spain, Italy, France and the United Kingdom enjoy over 55 % Total night spent on Non-European resident tourists.

Other notable countries that have experienced double-digit growth include Slovenia (19 percent), Serbia (19 percent), Malta (17 percent), Cyprus (15 percent), Belgium (12 percent) and Spain (10 percent).

Despite Brexit and the devalued pound, more than three out of four European destinations saw growth from the all-important U.K. market over the year 2017-18

China (17 percent), the U.S. (14 percent) and India (14 percent) have also been key markets for the region to this point, the commission points out.

European tours and destination are of a very unique type.

Which countries in Europe see the maximum number of tourist?

Spain, Italy, France, and UK accounts for 55 % tourist inflow.

What the best Road trips in Europe?

There are Multiple Road trip that one can choose from but most recommended by globalduniya are

  • Germany – An Autobahn European Road Trip
  • Germany – A Route 500 Road Trip
  • Ireland – The Ring of Kerry
  • Italy- Drive the Amalfi Coast
  • France- Les Corniches for a European Road Trip
  • France – Drive Route Napolean
  • France – La Route Des Grandes Alpes
  • Norway – Drive in Trollstigen
  • Switzerland – A European Road Trip at Klausen Pass
  • Portugal – The Estoril Coast Drive

May I  fully explore whole of Europe In 20 Days?

No, It is not possible to explore  Europe fully in 20 days, however, you may split your travel in eastern Europe, western Europe and Central Europe. Yes, partially you may explore.

What the Top European tour destinations?

You may explore

To get the ideas of the different tours, however, we are listing few tours, which are famous and have great reviews.

9-Day Italy, Switzerland and France Tour Package from Paris

8-Day Taste of Eastern Europe Tour from Munich

9-Day Western Europe Tour from Paris

10-Day Central and Eastern Europe Tour from Paris

8-Day Baltic Capitals Tour Package: Vilnius to Tallinn

8-Day Spain Tour Package with Lisbon from Valencia

10-Day European Vacation: Holland | Belgium | France | England | Scotland
8-Day Dalmatian Islands Cruise from Dubrovnik

10-Day Central and Southern Europe Vacation: Zurich to Rome

8-Day Sail Croatia Adventure Tour from Split

15-Day Balkan Tour Package: Athens to Dubrovnik

15-Day Eastern Europe Tour Package: Budapest to Istanbul

What is the best time for beaches in Europe?

In order to swim or take a dip or enjoy a water sports in the sea, you should reach Europe beaches from late June up to September end.

What is the best time to visit Europe?

In the northern countries like Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, July and August's months have the best weather. In the Mediterranean, good weather will be witnessed in April/May to Sep/Oct.

While in the continental Europe you can enjoy best weather from 15th of May to 15th of September. However Global warming is impacting the season shifts.

What is the best time for Skiing in Europe?

Ski resort opens ups in late November and closes by Mid of April.

European tour and destinations are really Dream come true story. You will fall in love with Europe. I say Europe is love at first sight.

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