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While travelling around the world, you will you see and experience life more than ever. Quite simply, traveling the world will be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make. My dream is to walk around the world and I have been trying to fulfil my desire from the last 15 years. I think now I have started to fulfill my desires thanks to the GlobalDuniya travel initiative.

They say travelling will set you free. This is very true in my case because as I went on exploring the world, started meeting new people in different countries and places with different cultures and languages, but I saw one thing in common among these people i.e. love, happiness and friendship with one another. If you are a travel enthusiast and love to travel the world, then hold on tight because you are in for an amazing journey. Follow GlobalDuniya blogs as we are going to change the way you travel.

It’s hard to find a travel guide to Nauru or even find out how to travel to Nauru. One rainy day I reached “Nauru” a tiny island in the pacific. It is the smallest republic of the world. The island is only 21 in size with a population of 13000. It’s ethnic groups consist of Naurans, other pacific islander, Chinese and Europeans. But they have one thing in common which is love, affection, humility, rituals and traditions. They respect the tourists a lot. It still looks like some old civilization, but vibrant, dynamic and believers of God.

Being a destination expert at GlobalDuniya, I have pledged to make a complete guide of the world for you, covering from Asia and the middle east, Europe and the Russian federation, Africa, North and central America, South America and Polar regions to oceans.

Who is GlobalDuniya?

GlobalDuniya is a world travel initiative which is here to help you fulfill your travel dreams into reality. Duniya is primarily a Hindi language word which has originated from Arabic and means the world. So if you are passionate for world travel just subscribe and we will incrementally make it possible to cover the major part of the world with the best knowledge, understanding to make your trips, travel fantastically interesting!

Travel, life and culture!

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