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Top Hotels of Bikaner

The list of topmost hotels of Bikaner is given below by the specialist of Globalduniya.

  • Tanisha Heritage Haweli, Bikaner
  • Hotel Chirag, Bikaner
  • Vesta Bikaner Palace, Bikaner
  • The Laxmi Niwas Palace, Bikaner
  • Karni Bhawan Palace, Bikaner

About Bikaner

It is a city located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is developed itself and gained the fourth largest city rank in Rajasthan. Bikaner is rich by indri Gandhi canal and Ganges canal. The city is blessed to be in the middle of the great Thar Desert. The climate of Bikaner is hot semi-arid climate. 

Attractions of Bikaner

The top attractions in Bikaner are listed below

  • Junagarh Fort, Bikaner
  • Lalgarh Palace, Bikaner
  • Laxmi Niwas Palace, Bikaner
  • Gajner Palace & Wildlife Sanctuary, Bikaner
  • Jain Temple Bhandasar, Bikaner
  • Shri Laxminath Temple, Bikaner
  • Shiv Bari Temple, Bikaner
  •  Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner
  • Kote Gate, Bikaner
  • Thar Desert, Bikaner

Malls of Bikaner

The top listed malls and shopping centers in Bikaner are given by the destination specialist of Globalduniya

  • Kote Gate, Bikaner
  • Station Road Market, Bikaner
  • Mahatma Gandhi Road Market, Bikaner


    Restaurants of Bikaner

    Bikaner is known for its authentic and savory cuisines. Bikaner is famous for its local street food. In the restaurant of Bikaner, numerous types of varieties are available. The topmost and the popular restaurants of Bikaner are listed below by the specialist of Globalduniya:-

    • Lakshmi hotel restaurant, Bikaner
    • Chhappan Bhog, Bikaner
    • The garden cafe & restaurant, Bikaner
    • Evergreen, Bikaner
    • Road Runner, Bikaner
    • Bhanwar Niwas, Bikaner

    Airport of Bikaner

    Nal Airport is the airport situated in Bikaner. The IATA code of the airport BKB. The airport is operated by AAI and Indian Airforce. It serves domestically. The airport is under the UDAN scheme. 

    Popular air routes from Bikaner

    • Flight from Bikaner to Delhi
    • Flight from Bikaner to Jaipur
    • Flight from Bikaner to Ahmedabad
    • Flight from Bikaner to Mumbai
    • Flight from Bikaner to Goa
    • Flight from Bikaner to Bhopal
    • Flight from Bikaner to Jammu

    Local and public transportation of Bikaner

    The transportation is very necessary to reach and travel around the cities by gripping in mind about the safety and security, the list of the most suitable mode of transportation in Bikaner are buses, cabs, cycle rickshaws, and taxies. 

    Weekend gateways from Bikaner

    For the leisure and pleasure with a huge desire for traveling in and around the Bikaner are listed below:- 

    • Bikaner to Jaipur
    • Bikaner to Jodhpur
    • Bikaner to Jaisalmer
    • Bikaner to Pushkar
    • Bikaner to Ajmer
    • Bikaner to Khuri

    Best time to visit Bikaner

    October to March is the most suitable time period to traverse the Bikaner. 

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