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“Mini Israel of India”

Kasol is located in the district Kullu of the India state Himachal Pradesh. The city is located in the valley of Parvati as the river Parvati flows from the city. Kasol is kind of paradise for the trekkers and backpackers. As the kasol is known as mini Israel of India due to having the strong history of jewism from kasol, lots of Israel tourist visits kasol. Kasol is also named as “Little Amsterdam”. The famous places to traverse nearby the Kasol is Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara, Grahan Village, Kheerganga trek, Tosh, Kalga, Pulga, Rashol, Chalal, Malana, and Jari.

Hotels in Kasol

Kasol has the stretches of glorious snow-clad Himalaya ranges and beautiful landscaped hills, picturesque mountain ranges, cascading riverflow and pleasant weather to rich culture and tradition, heritage centers, and historic monuments to mouth-watering cuisines. Kasol provides numbers of different accommodation types from budget hotels to the three-star hotels.

The best hotels of Kasol are listed below:-

  • Hotel Royal Palace, Kasol
  • Shivalik, Kasol
  • Hukam's Holiday Home, Kasol
  • Hotel Sandhya Kasol
  • Hotel Summer Hill, Kasol
  • Hotel New Tashila, Kasol

The best budget hotels in Kasol

The budget hotels mean the hotel which provides the basic amenities and facilities. Commonly the budget hotels are the one which provides bed and breakfast.  Kasol also serves the various kind of budget hotels, some best suggestions are given below:-

  • The Hosteller, Kasol
  • Hotel negis nest, Kasol
  • Parvati Kuteer, Kasol
  • Hotel Blue Diamond, Kasol
  • Parvati River Cottage, Kasol

Other options for the best accommodation in Kasol:-

Except the four-star and budget hotels Kasol also serves the homestays, hostels, camps, cottages and etc

The best area for the hotels in Kasol:-

The hotels should be located in the best location. Best location means the hotel should be nearby the major attractions of the destinations. So the Kasol’s best areas for the hotels are given below

  • Vpo Kasol, Manikaran Area, Kasol
  • Chhalal, Kasol
  • Tosh, Kasol


Question:- How many budget hotels are available for booking in Kasol at Globalduniya?

Answer:- Kasol has almost 99 budget hotels for booking at Globalduniya.

Question:-Mention the location that has the largest number of budget hotels in Kasol?

Answer:- Vpo Kasol, Manikaran Area has 39 accommodation properties. This area has the maximum number of budget hotels in Kasol.

Question:- Mention the type of properties that are available in Kasol for booking from Gloablduniya?

Answer:- Kasol has 40 Hotels, 24 Guest Houses, 19 Homestays, 17 Tents, 9 Cottages, 5 BnBs, 4 Hostels, 3 Resorts, 3 Lodges for booking from Gloablduniya.

Question:-Which is the highly rated budget hotels in Kasol?

Answer:- The Hosteller, HOTEL NEGIS NEST, Parvati Kuteer, Hotel Blue Diamond, Parvati River Cottage are the highly rated budget hotels in Kasol.

Question:-Which is the highly rated budget hotels for unmarried couples in Kasol?

Answer:- The highly rated budget hotels for unmarried couples in Kasol are The Hosteller, Parvati Kuteer, Hotel Blue Diamond, Parvati River Cottage.

Question:- Exploring Kasol in summers, can be enjoyable?

Answer:-Yes, the summer season is one of the must visiting season to visit Kasol as during the summer season most of the time the maximum temperature of Kasol rise up to 15 degree Celsius. 

Question:- Mention some every famous restaurants of Kasol.

Answer:- Evergreen, Moon Dance Cafe, Panj Tara Bar & Grill, Jim Morrison Cafe, Stone Garden Café, Shambhu's Momo Corner, Little Itlay and Etc are every famous restaurants of Kasol.

Question:- Mention some nearest weekendgate ways from Kasol.

Answer:- Chalal, Tosh, Kheerganga, Kalga, Pulga Tulga, Rashol (or Rasol), Malana are some nearest weekend gateways from Kasol.

Question:- which is the famous trek route in kasol or nearby Kasol?

Answer:- Kheerganga Trek route is one of the famous trek route.

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