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About Sholapur

Sholapur is the city and District of the southern region of Maharashtra state. The population of Sholapur is 2.0056 Approximately. Sholapur is the city which is famous for Cheddar, Handlooms, Power loom. Sholapur is an Industrial area and commercial center for producing Cotton in large quantity. City also has tourism importance as the city has famous temples, fort, lakes, falls for which many tourists comes and visit Sholapur. The best time to visit Sholapur is October to March.

Top Attraction of Sholapur

Sholapur has many beautiful attractions like Pilgrimage sites, Festivals, Dams, Forts, temples, Falls, Lakes, beautiful gardens, hills and etc as per the travel consultant of Global Duniya. Some of them are given below:-

  • Sholapur Bhuikot Fort, Sholapur
  • Siddheshwar Temple, Sholapur
  • Balaji Temple, Sholapur
  • Killa Bag, Sholapur
  • Markandeya Mandir, Sholapur
  • Sholapur Science Centre, Sholapur
  • Vijapur Ves, Sholapur
  • Mahatma Gandhi Zoo, Sholapur
  • ISKCON Temple, Sholapur
  • Tujabhawani Temple, Sholapur
  • Swami Samarth Temple, Sholapur
  • Venkateshwara Temple, Sholapur


Top Markets of Sholapur

 Sholapur has many attractive and useful markets and malls are famous for hand-made clothes, food, fruits, and dry fruits, spices, wooden art-craft, accessories, handicraft, etc. From where the tourist can purchase any kind of stuff easily (as per the information was given by travel consultant of Global Duniya).Some of are given below:-

  • Apna Bazaar
  • Kasturba Market
  • Ghongade Wasti Market
  • Shri Siddheshwara Market
  • Solhapur Tadpatri Market
  • Oasis Mall

Top Hotels of Sholapur

Nanded has the finest range of hotels with all the luxurious amenities,as per the travel consultant of Global Duniya.some of them which are best given below:-

  • Balaji Sarovar Premiere, Sholapur
  • Shiv Parvati Lodge, Sholapur
  • Santosh LodgeSholapur, Sholapur
  • Hotel Pratham, Sholapur
  • Hotel Surya International, Sholapur
  • Hotel Vikas Palace, Sholapur
  • Hotel Naman, Sholapur
  • Hotel Sai Prasad Executive, Sholapur
  • Hotel Center Point, Sholapur
  • Hotel Srikamal International, Sholapur
  • Lotus Hotel, Sholapur
  • City Park Hotel, Sholapur
  • Hotel Naman, Sholapur
  • Hotel Vaishnavi, Sholapur

Top Restaurant of Sholapur

 Sholapur has some of the best Delicious south Indian Food, while also Veg. and Non-veg. restaurants serve delicious food varieties that will surely satisfy the hunger of tourist. (As per the travel consultant of Global Duniya) some of the best are given below:-

  • Panchvati Gaurav, Sholapur
  • Captain's Cafe, Sholapur
  • Pram food Complex, Sholapur
  • Anand Bhoj, Sholapur
  • 7 Eleven, Sholapur
  • Taste of Punjab, Sholapur
  • Rajhans Restaurant, Sholapur
  • Jain Family Restaurant, Sholapur
  • Ananya Hotel, Sholapur
  • Raj Bhoj, Sholapur
  • Kwality Restaurant, Sholapur
  • Bamboo Restaurant, Sholapur
  • Hotel The Bellevue, Sholapur
  • Alfanzo, Sholapur
  • Shree Bhukkads, Sholapur

Famous food of Sholapur

As Sholapur is the mixture of all communities like Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Sikhs and every community has their different cultural dishes, and in Sholapur, we can taste all kind Mouthwatering  Dishes which includes Non-veg. Food and also veg. food and tourist must try all these dishes which are given below:

  • Paw Bhaji
  • Panipuri
  • Shenga Poli
  • Kadak Bhakri
  • Poha
  • Bhel Puri
  • Papdi Chaat
  • Dabeli Tehri
  • Vada Paw
  • Jalebi
  • Shenga Chutney
  • Khara Mutton
  • Aamti
  • Sheera

Gateways Nearby Sholapur

  • Bijapur Fort (99.4km)
  • Bara Kaman (99km)
  • Akkal Kot Swami Maharaj Temple(40Km)

Airport of Sholapur

Sholapur is a public Airport located on a distance of 5.1 km from the city. The IATA code of Airport is SSE. The main Airline is Boeing 737, Bombardier and Main routes to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. Airport also has other facilities like ATM, CCTV's, car calling, first-aid as all basic and needy services that Ranchi Airport has. (As per the travel consultant of Global Duniya) .

Best Time to Visit Sholapur

 The best time to visit Sholapur is from October To March. Because in summers it very Humid and hot in Sholapur but in given months it is a very pleasant environment of Sholapur And the Weather will make your trip more enjoyable and memorable. (As per the travel consultant of Global Duniya) .

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