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A vacation rental is nothing but a furnished apartment or house which is managed by a team of professionals and can be rented out to travellers and tourists based on their requirement and availability. With the increase and growth of the tourism industry at such a high pace, it is inevitable that the vacation rental business is also catching up and catching on. The idea is to provide a traveller with accommodation which gives a homely feeling all the while being away from home turf. You get to enjoy the scenic locations and rejoice while being part of a stranger setting, but all this while you also remain rooted to your own self and look forward to coming back to this “temporary home” at the end of the day when you’re tired of all the adventures and happenings you plan out during a vacation. People have all sorts of different terms and names attached to vacation homes as the name “vacation rental” is most often used in the U.S., other places around the world also call them Villas or Holiday villas which are privately owned and there is a huge variety in accommodation that can be provided based on the duration of stay, price someone is willing to pay and also the size of the property which a vacationer seeks. There is always the possibility where the duration extends and can be negotiated with the firm who you approach while seeking a vacation rental. Such Luxury vacation rentals or even simpler forms of vacation home rentals are available in almost all parts of the world and even more so, if the place in discussion is a tourist hotspot. Any traveller can also go ahead and approach a vacation rental planner and we at Global Duniya, provide those services ourselves so that our clients find a one stop solution to all sorts of needs they might have just like stopping by at a supermarket and picking up all the groceries of the month. It is safe to say that we could act like that supermarket as far as taking care of all your vacation needs are concerned.

Vacation homes

When it comes to renting out a perfect vacation rental, the main intent would be to go for the one which brings you closest to the way a local feels and lives. Our intent is to provide that sort of experience which makes your stay an unforgettable experience! These vacation homes are most assuredly one-of-a-kind and are tailor-made either for business trips or just a weekend getaway. You get to soak in the atmosphere of the place that you’ve visited in a whole different way and a vacation rental’s intent is all about bringing you surreally close to the location you’ve visited.

Secure payments

In today’s world, it is difficult to find people you can trust and the same in applicable to vendors who provide you deals in the tourism industry. At Global Duniya, we wish to let your stay at a location away from home be utmost pleasurable and keep you free from such worries. The payments we extract are purely done on a secure network and comes with an assurance as well.

Duration extend

There are those times when you visit a place and just fall in love with it so much that you just don’t want to leave. While that may be a far-fetched dream, extending your stay by a few days or weeks doesn’t necessarily have to be! We provide the option of extending your stay at a foreign location based on your wish and convenience once the necessary steps are taken in. We make it happen if you wish for it.

Vacation cabins

All of us have that phase when we are just tired of playing it safe and that comfortable bed our children could feel cosy in. You might suddenly feel this uncontrollable urge of just getting that perfect vacation rental getaway that does not remind us of our comfort zone and home in any way. Try reserving one of those rental vacation cabins which also save you money and help you in experiencing in a whole different way than you could think of.


While it may be tough to know if the price that a local motel is stating is fair or not, it is always safe to get a quotation and stick to your comfort zone with a name you can trust. Global Duniya is the name which brings to you the best services and vacation home rentals at the best prices.

Best offer

A vacation takes a lot of thought and planning before it happens. We know the hard work that entails a vacation and are thoughtful about your expenditure at a foreign location. Global Duniya intends to bring to its customers the best offers that one could dream of and be flabbergasted at. Our understanding of the blood, sweat and tears that go into your hard earned money helps us to do that!

Why Global duniya

When it comes to the vacation rental industry, it is all about having numerous properties in various countries. We, at Global Duniya, wish to make it a more personalised journey and strive to provide our clients with a more comfortable stay that your average vendor. We have tie ups with all major places that you could think of seeing and also bring forth for our customers a plethora of different types of homes, be it for a group or an individual!

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